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Madonna che Scappa in Piazza

Our Lady Escape Square – Easter Sunday in Sulmona The oldest and reliable evidence of the existence in Sulmona a Brotherhood dedicated to St. Mary of Loreto from the early sixteenth century, when the Brothers Lauretani raise an altar to the Virgin in the church Santa Maria della Tomba. But the front must be the emergence of the same sodality, if one considers that with effect from the second half of 1400 the cult of the Virgin of Loreto spreads in the Peninsula. Born for the exercise of works of charity and worship, the Brotherhood erected its headquarters adjacent to the church Santa Maria della Tomba, in a village built – due dell’inurbarsi of peasants and residents of nearby villages – to the out of the first city walls. The Society of Loreto soon became expression of peasantry and artisans, and came to rely, in the mid 1700s, about 1,200 members “so as Citizens Foreigners”. But at the beginning of the next century the social structure of the Brotherhood lost its original connotation, so that members of the local nobility – De Bed, Ravens, Sardis – dressed the office of Prior. Today’s Easter functions are the result of the evolution […]

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